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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can I find the M(C)N District Court?

We are located at 2501 Lvmhvlke (Eagle) Street, Okmulgee, OK 74447. We are in the Mound building; it is a large round building with the symbols of the clans (animals) around the top just under the roof.

Here we are on Google Maps:

Court Records Questions:

How do I see what cases are scheduled for the Court?

Court Records -> Scheduling -> Court Schedule or Court Weekly Schedule. Set the time frame and click ‘retrieve’.

How do I find my next court date?

Court Records -> Searches – > Case Search by Party – > (Searching Requires at least 3 letters of the First and Last Names) -> choose case -> next appearance date.

How do I find my charges?

Court Records -> Searches – > Party Search – Case History -> choose case -> charge summary -> charges

How do I find my fines and fees?

Searches – > Party Search – Case History -> choose case -> charges – Fines and Fees

Why isn’t my traffic ticket here?

It can take several weeks for Traffic Tickets to reach the court and be entered into our System. We only hold Traffic Court once per month, your 90-day window to pay online does not begin until the first Traffic Court Hearing after your Ticket has been entered into our system. If you have questions about whether your Ticket has reached our system and you can’t find your name in our system, please give us a call at (918) 758-1400.


Attorney/Case Questions:

How do I find a list of Attorneys who can practice Law in the Muscogee (Creek) Nation?

MCN Bar Association

How can I request a court-appointed Attorney?

Application for Court Appointed Counsel

This form is to request an Attorney in Criminal Matters (meaning you have been charged with a crime) and only for Indigent Defense (meaning you can not afford an attorney on your own)

Please understand this is not a guaranteed process, and even if you are found eligible it will take time for an Attorney to become available.

  • Print off the form
  • Fill it out
  • Return it to the District Court Personally
  • or you can mail it into:

Attn. Court Clerk

P.O. Box 652

Okmulgee, OK 74447

Can you help me or advise me with my case?

No. All court staff are specifically prohibited from giving legal advice. Consult your Attorney for any Legal questions.

Citizen Legal Services, (918) 295-9720, can offer advice and support for the following subjects:

  • Uncontested Probates of Adults and Minors
  • Uncontested Guardianships
  • Simple Wills, Power of Attorney’s and Healthcare Directives
  • Approval of Deeds

Can you help me choose a Bail Bondsman?

No. All Court Staff are prohibited from showing favoritism either for or against any licensed Bond Agency.